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Marriage Contracts


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A Marriage Contract (more commonly known as a prenuptial agreement) is an agreement between two spouses that deals with the financial consequences of the death or separation of one or both of the spouses. When the agreement is between two unmarried people, it is known as a cohabitation agreement.

A lawyer at our firm will be glad to advise you on what should be in your marriage contract or cohabitation agreement, and to negotiate the agreement on your behalf.   One of the biggest mistakes that individuals sometimes make in this area is that they believe they can draft the agreement themselves.  Regrettably this sometimes leads to the drafted agreement being unenforceable and one or both of the parties being entangled in litigation and financially harmed.

If you have a Marriage Contract that you would like reviewed by a legal professional, we are glad to perform that service for you also.  Sometimes this is the best method to minimize the legal expense of putting an enforceable Marriage Contract in place.


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