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In the event that you are unable to pay your retainer or outstanding account by cash or cheque, we have added a PayPal payment link to allow for payments from PayPal or from any major credit card.  Please note that this service has additional charges associated with it.  A 2.9% service charge will be applied to your payment along with the required 13% HST.  

STEP 1:  Contact Law Office (by email, telephone or fax) and advise that you would like to make a Credit Card / PayPal payment    
  1. email: chadrawn@rawnlaw.com, Tel: (416) 712-8315; Fax: (416) 847-2584
  2. Provide your email address to Law Office so that online invoice may be sent to you.
STEP 2:  Lawyer's Office uses your email address to send your online invoice
STEP 3: Make the Payment via credit card via email:
  1. Open the email sent to you, read the invoice, and see the PayPal payment button
  2. Click the payment button in the email
  3. Log-in to the secure PayPal payment page
  4. Review the details of the invoice
  5. Click Pay and follow the steps. 



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